CIFA Student Trip to Japan

September, 2010

Let me start by saying a VERY VERY VERY BIG THANK YOU!! to everyone in CIFA who made this trip for our children possible.

Elizabeth has had the best time of her life. Her host family was absolutely adorable and looked after her like a silkworm. I quite simply can't thank everyone involved both here and in Japan enough.

Elizabeth has come back with the most wonderful stories and memories that she will treasure forever. She has already declared that she is going to return without doubt (sooner than later) as she has totally fallen in love with Japan, her host family, the Japanese people and their wonderful culture.

Whilst she was with her host family, they welcomed her into their life with open arms; they took her to the most beautiful and wonderful places and let her experience beautiful Japanese cuisine.

Her host family sent us pictures whilst she was there of her sharing in their family life. It was very touching and a beautiful gesture to let us see how it was all going.

...... they had made sure that Elizabeth had the ABSOLUTE BEST TIME OF HER LIFE......

I simply can't thank you enough for what has truly been a life changing experience for Elizabeth. She will take this experience with her for the rest of her life and as I mentioned before, she has PROMISED to return and to visit her beautiful host family when she does...

Best regards,

Doug B.